Exhibition forwarding department

«We are the on-site forwarders at Lenexpo fairgrounds. The complex covers more then 50 000 meters and the team of our department works to forward, store and handle the content that should turn dead meters into busy fairs.

During the last decade we have handled nearly 8000 tons of goods which have been distributed at more than 630 fairs.

With mantling operations in full swing the terminal is ablaze with many bright colors, since the trucks come from all over the world!

„The participant can not open a fair with an empty stand“

The arrival of exhibition forwarders is like old friends’ gathering, you know. An exhibition is a brief event with a tight schedule, so delays in shipment of construction equipment and materials and of exhibits themselves are unacceptable. Things cannot go wrong with us! The participant cannot open a fair with an empty stand.

…We consistently provide forwarding services for conferences and congresses and also forward exhibitions abroad. Freight-forwarders in London, Beijing, Athens, Cannes, Hannover and Istambul recognize our cargo labels!»

Our Clients