Exhibition forwarding department

"We are the on-site forwarders at Lenexpo fairgrounds. The complex covers more then 50 000 meters and the team of our department works to forward, store and handle the content that should turn dead meters into busy fairs.

During the last decade we have handled nearly 8000 tons of goods which have been distributed at more than 630 fairs.

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Airfreights and diplomatic cargoes department

"As for any exhibition forwarder if is important to process and deliver airfreight cargo. The smoothness of our operations can determine the success of exhibitors. Therefore our slogan is Perfect Timing. The volume of incoming cargo ever increased, and so we opted for our constant presence at Pulkovo airport by introducing the office which enables us to get customs clearance directly at Pulkovo Customs Office.

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Import-Export cargoes department

"…We got accustomed to work in a tight schedule and have gained immense experience in the industry.

These days the forwarding business should undoubtedly be based on profitable rates, modern equipment and freight options. Of course, speed, accuracy, safety and strict control are still the main features of our reliability. The so-called one-stop forwarder is not what the business world needs today.

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